Bridal Accessories – What Brides Need to Know

1 year ago

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Necklaces: Important Bridal Accessories

The necklace you wear is a very important wedding accessory. Be sure to consider what will best compliment the style of your wedding dress and wedding veil. If your dress has a V-neck, choose a Y-necklace or necklace and pendant combination that will fill in the neckline. A strapless gown gives you endless possibilities, from a classic string of pearls to a diamond pendant. If your dress has a bateau neckline that gives a strong horizontal line, balance the line with a longer necklace that gives a vertical look. If your gown is a halter, choose a necklace that’s worn high up, like a choker.

Wedding Earrings: For a Finished Look

Earrings are popular wedding bridal accessories that should match or compliment your necklace. Select earrings that will coordinate with your face shape and hair style. If you have an elongated face, button earrings are a good choice. Dangle earrings are perfect for a bride who has a round face. Also consider your hairstyle. If you plan to wear your hair down, choose earrings that won’t get lost and have plenty of sparkle. If you plan to wear your hair up, choose classic pearl or diamond studs for a conservative look or chandelier-style earrings for a fashion-forward look.

Shoes: Choose These UK Wedding Accessories Carefully

Don’t forget that you’ll be wearing your shoes all day and probably well into the night, so those 5″ stilettos might not be the best choice. Try to find shoes that offer a good balance of style and comfort. You also need to consider the style and tone of your wedding. For a beach ceremony, you may not even need to wear shoes at all! For a formal church wedding, fabric pumps with a mid heel are a good choice. Wear those fashion-forward shoes for the ceremony and change into something more comfortable (and sensible!) for the rest of the day.


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