How to Save My Relationship – Tips to Stop Your Break Up and Save Your Love Life

2 years ago

There was a certain vibe that I got when my partner was readying to leave me. I started to get anxious, desperate and I sought out for counseling from friends on how to save my relationship.

All my friends thought my girl friend and I had a perfect relationship and that was also what I believed in until I felt my partner distancing herself from me. Maybe it was her way of softening the blow, but for me it was agonizing as I couldn’t picture myself without her.

Although I received lots of moral support from my friends, their advices really didn’t do much in saving my relationship. I take daily jogs at a local park and it was there where I struck up a conversation with a total stranger about the pickles I was in. After listening to my story this stranger bluntly said, “You cannot save your relationship unless you start admitting your relationship isn’t perfect”.

I was in denial, looking back I probably knew it but I did not want to admit it. Often times we cause more pain to our wounds by lying to ourselves that everything is ok, but denial is only a quick fix and it does not last.

You have to search for answers within your relationship and as you start to identify a problem here, a problem there, finally you have to search within yourself to fix those problems. It’s not about changing your core self to become someone that you are not, but it is about recognizing that for your relationship to work, both people involved have to be happy. That means some compromise, sacrifice, and adjustments are necessary to keep your relationship, stop your break up, or maybe even save your love life.

So you posed the question, “How to save my relationship”, I can tell you right off the bat it won’t happen unless you are willing to work for it. Your partner fell in love with you once, search for answers within yourself and that would put you on a good start.


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